Having Regular Coffee Meetings Keeps You Well Employed

If you want to “Get Paid More & Work Less” in 2016, then you must schedule regular coffee meetings to build strong meaningful business relationships that are mutually beneficial.

How many times have you heard , “let’s get together..” from a friend or acquaintance? And how many times have you actually followed through on it?

If you aren’t making coffee dates on a regular basis – and I’m talking at least three days a week – you are missing out, big time.

Here’s the deal. Regular coffee dates are a huge part of my strategy for building Ideal Corporate Partnerships and the relationships that form the cornerstone of my business.

When I meet with friends and colleagues at the corner coffee shop (or even a swanky bar for a happy hour chat), I get the chance to know them and what’s going on in their worlds. What are they working on? What is their company working on? How can I help them – and who can I talk with to get that ball rolling?

By meeting in the more relaxed, informal environment of a coffee shop or restaurant, we take some of the “sales pitch” out of the meeting and build a more authentic relationship. Think about it. Who would you rather deal with: the stilted, nervous executive sweating her way through a presentation in your office, or a relaxed, confident, business owner simply chatting about everyday topics, including business, while you share a cuppa joe or a glass of vino? I thought so.

So here’s what I want you to do. Scroll through your contact list and choose three people to have coffee with this week. Send an e-mail, and invite them to catch up at a nearby coffee shop. Let them know what you are trying to do, and that you want to ask some questions about their business. Remember, you are an entrepreneur. You are savvy. You are bold. Your job is to bring more money into your business than is going out.

When you meet for your coffee date, after some light chitchat, explain to your friend what you’re doing. Ask your questions, get some information, and  make a 30-second pitch (you’ve got one, right?) about your big idea, ask about opportunities for partnerships, and then shut up so she can give you some feedback, tell you who your contact person is and how you can work together.

Now, not every coffee date is going to turn into a payday.  But with these meetings, you’re laying the groundwork for future projects and building relationships – and as a savvy business owner, you know that relationships are your bread and butter.

While you might want to start with people you know, if you are going to bring in the big bucks, you need to step beyond your inner circle and have coffee with people that you might not already know, even cold-calling them. That’s okay. Just be savvy and confident, and don’t be afraid to reach out.

In time, you’ll find that your calendar fills with these coffee dates, and that’s a good thing. The more people you meet, and tell about your business, the more your income will grow. So when someone says “we should have coffee,” set a date right then and there. Never turn down the opportunity to make a connection.

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